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Battelec Inc Experienced Customer Support provides superior service. From scheduled maintenance to emergency service calls.


On-Site Service

  • 24/7 emergency response

  • Direct  troubleshooting and repairs

  • Fleet maintenance and management

  • Battery replacement and disposal

Proactive Maintenance

  • Scheduled maintenance programs

  • Regular inspections and tune-ups

  • Parts replacement and maintenance

  • Enhancing uptime efficiency and minimizing costly repairs

Energy Analytics

  • Comprehensive analysis of energy usage

  • Resource inefficiency identification and cost-saving opportunities.

  • Optimized energy usage recommendations.

  • Implementation coordination and monitoring.

Expert Cleaning

  • Professional battery fleet cleaning

  • Dirt, debris, and contaminants removal

  • High-Pressure cleaning for optimal performance and efficiency

  • Increased equipment lifespan 


  • Personalized training programs for operators and maintenance staff

  • Hands-on workshops and seminars

  • Safety and compliance trainings

  • Ongoing support and refresher courses

 Insights & Assessment

  • In-depth battery study and evaluation

  • Causal factor investigation and diagnostics

  • Designing solutions and recommendations

  • Performance and capacity improvements

LinkedIn battery maintenance

Follow Georgios L. service journey on Linkedin

From service calls optimisation to severe battery repair, Georgios takes you with him on his service journeys, posting regularly cases and implemented solutions on Linkedin. Very helpful and eyes opening for any professional in the motive power industry. 

LinkedIn battery maintenance
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